Leyton Orient Supporters Club

E10 5NF 


Forum 19 March 2014



Matt Porter (FC CEO/SLO)

Keren Harrison (FLO International)

Tony Roome, Tim Haydon (LOSC)

Doug Harper, James Cassidy (LOFT)



Apologies: Fanzine Reps


Updates on Previous Issues:


Hand Dryers: Matt Porter confirmed all replacement quotes were out of budget range and considers this a very low priority item. Issue closed


Gallery Stairs safety issue: Will be addressed in close season.


Olympic Stadium Impact consultants report: Tony Roome will shortly view and advise forum members if any concrete concerns raised.


Fans Forum additional members: To be addressed in close season, with additional rep volunteers requested in fans mailout.


Stadium Catering Questionnaire: The club is arranging a questionnaire shortly and the survey (and an outline of the results) will be released on Club website.


SUFTO free tickets: Continuation next season will probably depend on which Division O's are in, so decision still pending.


Away fan allocation. As publicised, Wolves will get the whole East Stand. The SC confirmed it will only allow entry to members that day for safety/capacity purposes.


Floodlight Improvements. Final decision on required upgrades pending which Division O's are in. The club will elect for the most cost effective option available.


East Stand Seats: The older seats, easily subject to damage by over-exuberance or malice, will be replaced in the close season, and the gangways and seating blocks reconfigured to streamline access to walkways. Cost in excess of £50k.


Essex Coach Service. The FC have reviewed and decided against reintroducing this service on the grounds that there was insufficient interest in it last time it was run. Issue closed.


New Issues Raised


SUFTO Facebook group considering Freedom of Information requests re OS. Matt Porter confirmed no developments on OS issue for the club, but an appeal to the Premier League is still pending.


WW1 memorial pre-season friendly (eg v Hearts). Unlikely to happen due to time constraints/cost issues. Matt P said he'd happily allow a supporters friendly instead in the stadium if timed right.


Play -offs subsidised coach/travel to SF away leg. Unaffordable. The SC may increase coach service capacity if required. The dates for these should Orient be involved are SF 6 v 3 9/5, SF 5 v 4 10/5, SF 3 v 6 12/5, SF 4v 5 14/5, Final 25/5.


Online Ticketing System. The club is happy with usage/reliability issues and usage amongst fan base was growing game by game.


Request for Stadium Tours. Already done on an ad-hoc basis, via LOCSP/Howard Gould for school groups, Rob Noble for other fans, but the FC will try this on a pre-publicised basis and gauge take-up.


Official Message Board Issues. MP confirmed (undisclosed) commercial partners had registered complaints about the FC being directly associated with recent offensive posts. The club does not wish to dedicate resources/waste costs to increase moderating/admin activity, and is considering whether to disassociate it from the club after the end of the season. In this event, CEO said he would consider handing over the URL etc to interested/trusted fan(s) to continue running it independently.


Potential club documentary: The club is wary of the downside PR to this, but would consider requests from production companies based on merit/fee. Interested parties should contact the CEO direct.


Seasons Highlights DVD. Club likely to produce one for this and other successful seasons. DVDs for more routine seasons usually run at a loss.


Brentford Game Home fan numbers query. MP confirmed home fans seated in directors balcony area and shifted to away stand were counted, which is why the reported home fans just exceeded the usual capacity. No-show STs and other ticket holders are not counted, but the club is considering changing this policy in line with other clubs.


More PA system moans. Noted, but upgrades are considered a unaffordable due to need to spend on floodlight and East Stand seating improvements.


TJ/South Stand bar beer-keeping issues. If asked to do so, the Supporters Club will review current practices and assist the bar manager.


Club Shop Product Range: Specific requests for additional items should be sent to the CEO to forward on to JustSport.


Next Season kits. it won't be Braces! Club restricted to choice from Nike templates.


Stewarding. The club acknowledges that some clumsy body searches took place at West Stand turnstiles recently. These were practice runs for higher levels of away fan searches demanded by police to minimise banned items. Regarding policy of intervening, the guideline from police is to hold off when massed fans are being "overexuberant" so as not to inflame matters/keep stewards safe, but to intervene when individuals/small groups are causing trouble/offence.


Giving Up Whole East Stand for some games. Chairman's final decision based on maximised income criteria. Confirmed that Team Manager was consulted & had no issues with this at all.


FC website injured/unavailable players updates. Matt Porter will review this with Jonny Davies.


North stand ladies loo seats. The Chief Exec will review and arrange for necessary repairs.


Lids for hot drinks. Now available in all stands at or near refreshment counters.


Recent merchandise survey. Good fan response. Club to publicise action points.


Intl. Supporters Group. International FLO, Keren Harrison, and Rob Noble (FC) co-ordinate this with assistance from other fans. Now have database of 100+ overseas fans. Likely to be formalised as a Facebook group, and an early season game announced as International Fans Day.


Club will host London Legends tournament on Sun 18/5 with WHU/Spurs/Arsenal/Chelsea represented. Any other close-season activities will be publicised once confirmed.