Leyton Orient Supporters Club

E10 5NF 


Keren Harrison

Name:  Keren Harrison – sounds like heron NOT KAREN!

            (Message board name is FikkO)


Where were you born and when?  April Fools Day 1971, Rush Green Hospital


Where do you live now?  Hutton, Brentwood


Do you have a job? What is it?  Part time legal secretary and full time Mum!


What’s your favourite film?  Anything Wallace & Gromit


………. music?  Rolf Harris


……….. book?  I Love You Little Monkey


…………painting or picture?  Orient crest


What do you enjoy doing, away from work and football?   Finding time to anything would be nice!  I like travelling, drinking ale and eating out – all three together is great especially on an away trip!


What is your earliest memory?  Chasing my brother around the house with a pair of scissors offering to make him a little girl!


What is your earliest football memory?  Sitting in the West Side watching Orient v Newport County in the mid to late 70s and my brother asking when the pitch invasion was going to happen!


What’s your favourite football moment?  Difficult to say really, probably Oxford away.


Who do you remember with affection (or loathing) wearing an Orient shirt? Sam Kitchen – what a bum!


Which manager was the best in your time?  Martin Ling


.. and who was worst?  Peter Eustace


What would you change about Leyton Orient FC?  I think the Management Team we have at the moment are good enough for this league.  Ideally I would love to have a reliable, prolific, maybe on their way down the leagues. striker who wants to score for fun but hey you can't have everything.


When did you join the Supporters Club Committee?  Err……. about 1998/1999 I think.


………… why?  There were not any female members and I thought I could make a difference and show that it is not only middle-aged men who support the Club.


What’s best about being a Committee member?  I am very proud of what Michael has achieved with CAMRA and other Real Ale Awards and I am honoured to be a part of the voluntary staff behind him.


Who’s the joker on the Committee?  Many would like to think they are but I enjoy working with Tim O Tei – he really makes me laugh!